I have often asked God why He did not bless me with a pretty voice to sing. I say to God, “You know how much I love to worship and praise you.” I know this may sound funny but its true, I have said this more than once. I love to sing my heart and lungs out to God. When I sing I sense things just breaking off of me that had weighed me down minutes before. I can sense breakthrough for loved ones as I began to proclaim praises to God and thank Him for victory in situations. But the most amazing, and my very favorite thing that happens when I worship Him in this uninhibited manor is, I feel Him so very close. I begin to see the throne room of God and I see myself bowing before the King of Kings. The encounters change but one thing stays the same and that Is God! His love, His presence, provision and vision began to fill me like at no other time. This place I am describing is the best place and my very favorite. My prayer and desire is that every believer experiences this worship I am writing about today. 

“ Worship transcends our weakness while acknowledging Gods power.” Jack Hayford

What a great definition of worship by Jack Hayford, it resonated with me because this is what happens in my prayer and worship time with Him. The Word of God says in Revelations 12:11 , “And they defeated him by the blood of the lamb and by their testimony,” so with that being my backdrop I want to share a personal testimony of a time I overcame through the amazing gift of worship. Because of what Jesus has done for me I have this connection, this gift to be in relationship and worship Him! 

My husband and I got married my senior year of High School, his freshman year of college. We were young, poor and had the most beautiful baby boy! We lived in low incoming housing in Corona, California. It was a rough neighborhood but it was what we could afford. Terry traveled for his football games and so some weekends I was there alone with our son Garrett. I remember one night being awakened to a sound and then shadows I could see an outline of people walking by my window. I was alone and terrified. My mind raced as I thought why would people be lurking around back windows late at night. I began to pray softly in my bed as they went by. Although they were gone I could not shake the fear that had rocked me to the core. I sat there in my bed with my arms locked around my legs and I began to sing; “Whenever I am afraid I will trust in You. You are my hiding place, whenever I am afraid I will trust in You.” Then the coolest thing happened as I was singing I started to pray too and then this beautiful sound started coming from me! My spirit began to pray but it came out as a song and it was beautiful, peace filled every part of me. I felt as though I was being held and I had no fear at all. I remember being amazed and thankful for the encounter. 

So I want to encourage you today to get into Gods presence with worship and praise. It doesn’t matter how good you sound, what matters is your heart, that your passion is for Him! Experience the power of worship that transcend weakness while acknowledging Gods power!

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